How To Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio in 2021 [Guide]

How To Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio in 2021 [Guide]

How To Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio in 2021 [Guide]


Instagram, is a popular social media app that allows people to share photos of their day to day adventures. Instagram boasts millions of active users and is growing at a rapid rate. To increase your engagement on Instagram, it is necessary to add some links of various websites you want to promote in your biography.

But, there is a big limitation on Instagram. You can only insert a single link in your Bio section of your Instagram profile.
By the way, Instagram Profile Bio Link is the only place where you can share a link with your followers because they removed clickable hyperlinks in comments and photo's back in 2012.
So by only allowing one link in the Bio section, Instagram is taking away an amazing promotional opportunity. You can only promote a product and a blog once a week or you need to manually swap out your bio link on a regular basis.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most successful people on Instagram have several links in their Bio?
Are you tired of swapping out your bio link on a regular basis?
Want to optimize your bio link by including multiple links?
Can you have multiple links in Instagram bio?
Do you want to share your YouTube, Twitter links to my Instagram bio?

The good news is that it is not necessary to just have one link in your Instagram Bio. If you want to put multiple links in your Instagram bio, follow this guide to show you how to do it.
This is a great opportunity to optimize your bio.
This is especially useful if you have a blog, ebooks, Twitter, YouTube channels and products and services that you are trying to promote.

In this guide, you will learn how to include multiple links for your Instagram users to promote products and content in your feed in 2021.


A link in the bio on Instagram refers to the clickable link that is located in all Instagram account’s bio.

Adding the link to your bio will provide you the opportunity to promote your website, business and social media accounts in one place. In addition to this, it can also increase your engagement on your Instagram account.

A link in the bio is frequently used as a URL, which means that a user are able to quickly click on the link and be redirected to a website, blog post, or somewhere else you want your followers to go. This provides an easy way for users and influencers alike to promote content and products without having an account on other marketing channels.

By displaying links in your bio, you can gain more followers and get more exposure for your business. This simple trick will allow you to promote multiple links in your bio.

Let's start off with the following question: How to put a clickable link in instagram bio?

You can do that using the following simple steps:

  • Log into the Instagram app.
  • Head over to your profile by tapping the person icon.
  • Click on "Edit Profile" to set up your information.
  • Add the link to your website or landing page.
So, can I have more than one link in my instagram bio?

That's why you need a bio link tool like Pixela. A bio bink tool will allow to create a micro landing page and add as many links as you like.
Technically, you end up having multiple redirections using one unique link in your Instagram bio link.
It's a really simple tactic to drive traffic to your blog and to your digital assets such as blogs, Twitter, YouTube channels, product websites, etc.

This is an essential call-to-action. It's a great workaround to have multiple redirections that helps you to promote your Instagram account

A bio link tool, such as Pixela, is one of the best way to increase your engagement. It's a great way to get more exposure for your business, social media accounts and increase your followers.
Pixela will also provide the capacity to add retargeting pixels to your landing micro page, so you can retarget previous visitors later with more ads.

A content creator can understand the limitations of Instagram's bio link. They can only have one link in their bio. But ...

... If you want to engage on Instagram, then you should not only engage with people with a high number of followers but also with new comers.
Engagement is an important part of Instagram because it allows you to make new connections. This step should be taken because new comers on Instagram have newly started their accounts and need a lot of engagement in order to make them active.

When you add a link to your Instagram bio, it means you have one option to promote your blog or website in the same social media channel.
If you want to increase your traffic and get more followers, then you should include multiple links in your bio. By doing this, you can have a completely different set of links on your profile and they will all be clickable.
You can add at least three clickable links to your bio, then you measure the engagement on your account.

Adding multiple links in the bio will allow your followers to see how many social media channels or websites you're following.
This is a great way to show your confidence and make more people connect with you.

Creators can use their Instagram bio to show their followers how many social media platforms they're on and which ones they're using the most.
This can help them build a strong social media brand. They can also use their bio for links to their personal social media accounts, website, blog, or other places.

You should also include targeted keywords in your bio. Using keywords in your bio can help you rank higher on search engines. For example, if your Instagram account is about travel, then you should include the word "travel" in the link to your bio.
The next time you post a picture of your travel trip, your followers will see the keyword and they might click on your link and visit your website.

You need to select a smart slug in order to promote your brand and stay in your customer's mind.
For example, Pixela is shortener that allows to select the slug that you need to put your brand in front of your potential customers.

There are a couple of options for what you should include as a bio link:
  • A link to your personal website.
  • A link to a business website.
  • A link to your blog.
  • A link to a product or service.
  • A link to another social media page such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

As well as there are some other words and phrases that are commonly used in bios.

  • "Favorite" – a favorite book, movie, or place.
  • "I like…" – any topic you like.
  • "Hobbies" – any hobbies or activities you enjoy.
  • "About Me" – includes your name, age, location, and anything else you want to say.

The first step is to optimize your bio link to redirect your audience to your website or products according to your business goals.
Then, create a list of links you want linked in your Bio. This list can be full of any links related to products, services, related businesses, or websites.

Instagram users can understand that adding a link in the bio of an account is a good idea because if someone likes their content, they might look at the Instagram user's bio and go to the link.
This will drive traffic to their website or other social media channels. A link in the bio also presents you with the opportunity to present different types of content to different audiences. You can, for instance, do paid advertising and drive traffic to a specific page to convert your customer.
Inevitably, people are going to want to know how to add more than one link in their bio.

Remember that you must swap out the link from time to time and then and use a different URL to direct your followers to your latest content.
If you are not updating your Instagram profile on a regular basis, you are losing the opportunity to promote your company on Instagram.
So you should always keep your bio section updated with your latest contact information and links.

If you make links to your own products, use a URL shortener like to turn one long link into a shorter one. This will make it easier for your followers to type in and remember.

For example, if the link is: will become:

Important things to be aware of:

  • Keep your links short and simple.
  • Include a call-to-action button that encourages people to click it.
  • Be clear about what you're promoting and include a brief description with each link. provides more options for creating custom URL for any of your domains or select a "slug" for main shortener domain in Pixela.

Instagram limits the number of calls to actions a content creator can add to their bio section. A few things you can do to optimize your link in the bio are to use a link shortener pointing to a landing page and adding multiple call to actions.
By including multiple links into the bio section, you optimize the advertisement space and increase the chances of your advertisement.
You can use a tool like to shorten long links into custom url.

By adding a link shortener and multiple calls to action, users are able to make sponsored posts more interesting and in turn increase the click through rate of the post. By linking off to interesting content, your audience is more likely to click through and read the link.
This is very effective for blog posts, stories, and links that are related to your niche.

By using the link in the bio, you are allowing your followers to quickly access the content that you are promoting.
By including multiple links, you are allowing the Instagram user to quickly read the content you recommend.
Adding a link in your bio will also show up in your post feed. This means that it can also be used as a social media link.

There are a few tools that allow you to use your bio link for multiple URLs. For example, shortening tools allow you to shorten a long URL into a more compact one (custom url), point to a landing page and to send traffic to other marketing channels and boost sales.
Tools like Pixela allow you to shorten a long URL into a more compact one (custom url), design a landing page and to send traffic to other marketing channels and boost sales.

A landing page is a page that will show up in your Instagram profile bio when users click on the link located in the bio section.
You should create this landing page to get all the benefits of having multiple links in your bio without having to create a brand new account.
The landing page essentially looks exactly like your Instagram feed but it has all your links embedded into it. This is especially useful if you have a lot of blog, ebooks, and products and services that you want to promote.

You can either have a dedicated landing page that you use for every bio, or you can link to the same landing page from various profiles. If you choose the latter option, be sure that this page is tailored for all of your business goals.
In short, you should have a dedicated landing page that is tailored to the marketing goals of each individual channel.
In this way, you can show your audience that there are lots of ways to get what they want from you, whether it's a buying experience or a subscription.

You need to create a landing page that works for your business by including your bio links and other content that attracts your target audience. The choice will ultimately depend on your budget and the quality of the content on your landing pages. All you need to do is create a landing page that is designed to attract your target audience.
You can either create your own or use an existing landing page.
If you want to create your own, you should know that you will spend some time and money to build it. However, if you do not have the knowledge or the time to do this, you can use some external service such as Pixela.

If you have a marketing budget, consider partnering with a professional agency for better landing-page design and SEO services.
These are services that require no coding experience and can be used to advertise every aspect of your business.
They are also useful for promoting specific content such as a blog post or a link to an external site.

To create a landing page to add multiple links in Instagram, you can use the following tools:

  • Use shortener that generate shorten links along with landing pages such as
  • Adobe Content Management System (CMS) for storing your links
  • Joomla as the CMS for displaying your links
  • Wix or Square Space as the CMS for displaying your links
  • WordPress as the CMS for displaying your links
  • Use a free landing page maker such as InstaPage

In, you need to

  • First off, log in to Pixela Console
  • Then, head over to the "BioLinks" in the left menu or directly using this link BioLink List
    Create a Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
    Figure01. Create a Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
  • Now, you can see the list of BioLinks, click on the "plus" sign to create a new Bio Link or directly using this link Create a BioLink
  • Next, type in your username, avatar url and pick the color of the text and background.
    Edit a Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
    Figure02. Edit a Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
  • After that, you can add multiple links to your landing page.
  • You can also navigate to the associated tracking link by clicking on the "Manage" button in order to assing retargeting pixels to that link.
  • Finally, grab the tracking link (shorten link) and paste it in your social profiles as a BioLink.

Let's see the result.

Example of Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
Figure03. Example of Bio Link Micro Landing Page in Pixela
The Facebook Pixel is a code which is installed on your website. A pixel will allow you to track the effectiveness of your link in the bio campaign by tracking the number of visitors that land on your website with the link in the bio.

If you are looking for something more dynamic than a Facebook pixel, check out will retarget visitors of your link in the bio of any website naturally by showing you specific images, ads from their Creator Library, and interest targeting options that make sense for you.

If you want to install a Facebook Pixel on your landing page, you need to click on the "Manage" button (see Figure 02) to go the "Link" management page and assign the retargeting pixels. See more in this article How to Use Facebook Retargeting Pixels for Amazon in 2020;

You can also use Google Analytics to find out more about your website's traffic and how they are finding you. You'll see that your visitors are coming from Instagram. What you can do is create a custom audience using your Instagram followers as your interests in your remarketing campaign.

Whether you're adding links to your bio, shopping carts, or about pages, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to convert clients and attract more traffic and sales. Simply follow these steps and you'll be on your way to building a more effective follower base by optimizing an overlooked method for marketing purposes.

Just remember to optimize every aspect of your bio link. Add text links, images, and videos, all relevant to your business. Add links to your most popular blog posts, your website and other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. By doing so, you will be able to promote your business, but also help people find your account easily.

The most important thing about your link in the bio is to make sure that it is working for your SEO goals as well.
If you are trying to build content marketing around your social media content, it's great if you can include a link to your blog post in the bio section.
This can help with building out a more robust and highly rewarded content thread around your content. If you are using more than one hashtags in your bio section, the best way to do it is to separate them with a comma.

Just remember when you're using a social media platform is to make sure you're using it right. You have to make sure that every post you make is contributing to your business goals.
It's not just about posting a picture and hoping it goes viral, it's about creating a well-thought out social media strategy.
Nowadays, more than ever, businesses are growing and making profits simply by using social networking sites.

A link in the bio also provides the opportunity for you to engage people in a deeper way.
If you have a link to your blog post in the bio, you can use it for a link back to the blog and increase engagement by providing extra content that they might otherwise get bored of scrolling past.
Relevant, honest, and engaging content is the foundation of every successful social media marketing campaign.

Prioritize quality over quantity, as the best engagements and most loyal fans will come from relevant and engaging content. If you have a blog, then you can include a link in your bio to promote the content that you created.

More links on your Instagram account will also help you rank better on search engines because links are a form of social proof, which means that people are more likely to click on your link if it is shared by someone else.

The bottom line here is that if you want to grow your social media following or keep it where it is, you need to provide relevant content that will be interesting to your target audience and provide several links as a CTA.


In this guide, I've talked about how to include multiple links for your Instagram users to promote products and content.

As summmary, you need to create a landing page for your Instagram profile.
This will give you more control over the links you put in your bio as well as to add links to your Twitter, YouTube channels, blogs, product websites, etc.
If you don't have your own website, you can create a landing page using You can also attach retargeting pixels to your landing pages.

I really hope you enjoyed my guide. Now it's your turn.

Author: JC Olamendy

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