Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Marketing Software for Your Business

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Marketing Software for Your Business

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Marketing Software for Your Business

Marketing software helps online businesses in executing marketing campaigns. This platform allows users to automate certain tasks and streamline the marketing process so they can focus on enhancing customer relationships and growing their business.

However, not all marketing software is created the same as businesses would have different needs. However, marketing would always play a critical role in revenue generation. Such is the case for the eCommerce industry — Amazon sellers and other online retail stores — that rely heavily on marketing campaigns to attract potential customers.

And if you’re an Amazon seller, it is important to select a marketing software that fits your business needs.

Here are nine important things to consider when choosing the right marketing software for your online retail business.

1. User experience

First, you need to consider how user-friendly the user interface design is. You would essentially be using this marketing tool on a daily basis. Therefore, its user interface should be designed in such a way that it helps you save time and enhance your productivity.

Ask the vendor to conduct a product demo and test it yourself. Is it easy to navigate? Are the labels easy to understand? Did you have to click on so many tabs to complete a single task? The quicker it is for you to accomplish an activity, the better.

2. Support

Chances are, you would be needing technical support often once you start using the marketing software. And even when you have already grown accustomed to it, you might still encounter glitches along the way.

Does the vendor offer 24/7 support? If not, do they have other customer service tools and resources that you can use? How prompt is their response time and how quick is their issue resolution turnaround time? If they have a community support group that can go to for help, that is a plus factor.

3. Scalability

Your business may just be starting or has been around for quite some time now, but ultimately you would be aiming to grow. Soon, you would have to increase your capacity and add functionalities to meet growing demand. And your digital marketing software should be able to adapt to suit the demands of your growing business. Not all marketing software platforms have that attribute, therefore it is important that you put this among your considerations.

4. Testimonials and reviews

It is also important to know what the other users say about their personal experience with the product. In fact, 72 percent of consumers would rather read reviews first before taking action.

However, not all reviews are authentic or accurate, so make sure to pay attention to negative reviews as well for a balanced perspective. Moreover, make sure that you check reviews from trustworthy sources.

5. Setup and onboarding

One important thing you need to know is whether the vendor would require a fee to set up and onboard everyone. In case you would need to migrate from an old system to another, will they provide extra support?

Determine how much training you and your team need to be familiar with the system. Ideally, it should not require elaborate training for systems and tools meant for smaller businesses and which staff have little to no technical skills.

6. Tutorials, guides and other online learning resources

The ease of learning is an important factor to consider when looking for new Amazon seller marketing tools. Also, guides and other learning resources should be available whenever you need it. Most marketing software provides how-to videos and webinars to assist in learning.

7. Pricing and other costs

Marketing platforms will vary in pricing structure and plans. Apart from the cost, determine the features that each plan will offer. How many contacts can you have? Consider as well the number of emails you can send and users that you can authorize, among other features. If there are too many features that you won’t need, you may need to consider the cheaper plan.

8. Data security

Now more than ever, data security is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the right marketing software for your Amazon business. Some marketing software may only offer enhanced security on higher-tiered plans. Determine the level of security you will be needing for your business and whether you need to have enhanced security features. If so, you may need a higher-tiered plan for these features.

9. Integrations and in-depth analytics

Consider the existing tools and other types of marketing software that you are using for your business. You may need to integrate one or all of them into your new digital marketing software. Your Amazon marketing software should allow easy integration of the tools that you are already using for your eCommerce business.

Lastly, your marketing tool should provide you and your team with in-depth analyses of your marketing efforts. Reporting and analytics tools play a crucial role in making informed decisions and better marketing strategies for your online business. You may already be using an Amazon seller analytics software for your business, but it won’t hurt to have this additional feature in your arsenal of Amazon seller marketing tools.

Choose well, then focus on growing your business

Understanding what you need to look for and consider will help you in choosing the right tool for your online store. Once you have chosen the right marketing automation software, you can then focus your time and effort on other activities that will help your business grow.

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